Meet Judith Flores

Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

About Judith

As the mother of two boys, Judith understands the demands of work and family, how to hold herself and others accountable and the power of a positive and supportive community. These are the core tenets that drive Judith, empower her clients to succeed and inform the culture of her studio, Emerge with Judith.

“We can only emerge to be who we are meant to be by achieving the unthinkable. ” ~Judith
After 17 years as a personal trainer and 25,000 training sessions later, Judith has learned a thing or two about helping her clients achieve success. First – reaching goals in the gyms unlocks personal and professional opportunities outside the gym. Always. Second – No goal worth accomplishing is unambitious. Lastly – no worthwhile goals was ever achieved without good direction, hard work, consistency and unyielding support from others.

Beyond an experienced personal trainer, Judith is a 15 year yoga practitioner and licensed yoga instructor. Through yoga, breath work and ‘conscious languaging’, Judith helps individual clients reach their full lifestyle and wellness goals by teaching them how to emerge from within to fulfill their true and whole potential.


  • 200 RYT (The Yoga of You)
  • 200 RYT (Yoga Better)
  • NASM – WLS (Weight Loss Specialist)
  • NASM – PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • NASM – OPT (Optimum Performance Training),
  • PFIT – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • PFIT – CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), P90x-LIVE instructor
What are your specialties?
Weight loss, pre/post natal, cancer patients, functional training, certifying personal trainers, private yoga sessions.
In what areas do you help your clients achieve their goals?
Fitness, weight management, nutrition, endurance, recovery, human performance (balance in life and your body), general wellness.
Your clients tend to be…
High performance athletes, pre & post natal, tweens & teens, moms & dad’s, millennials, retirees, other personal trainers.

Three Little Known Facts about Judith


  • I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. (The Notebook, anyone?)
  • I was a science nerd in high school. (Still kinda am…)
  • I have a weakness for chocolate. Dark chocolate. (Actually this is well known around the gym)

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